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Uluru Trip: Photo5 2012

Whoah. Where has this year gone? It seems only yesterday I was writing about my plans for 2013 declaring it the year of change.

Well, things haven’t quite gone to plan. Especially with regards to showing this blog some love. But one thing is for sure, 2013 has most certainly been eventful!

It has been a year of extreme highs and lows. I started a new business, traveled to the heart of the Australian outback, experienced the most divine macaroons in Paris, walked in the shoes of John, Paul, George and Ringo across Abbey Road, shared a Pimm’s (or 2 or 3) with cricketing legends and celebrated with the Queen (well kind of) on the arrival of her new grandson.

Throw in a health scare and a new job – quite frankly I’d be really grateful if the remainder of 2013 could be … well … blissfully uneventful! But will leave that for another post.

You might remember last year I won a photography comp called Canon EOS Photo5. The prize was a trip to Uluru, NT in March of this year for a Photography Workshop with Master Photographers Jackie Ranken and Mike Langford. It was an amazing experience and I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to learn from two incredible photographers.

To Jackie and Mike, thank you for sharing your knowledge and being a part of my Photography Journey.

Here are a few photos from the trip.

01 - Photo5-Day-One-KG_0224 02-storyboard001 03 - Photo5-Day-One-KG_0348 04 - Photo5-Day-One-KG_0380 05 - Photo5-Day-One-KG_0421 07 - Photo5-Day-One-KG_0440 08-storyboard001 09-storyboard001 10 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0673 11 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0719 12 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0734 13 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0741 14 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0754 15-storyboard001 16 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0771 17 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0774 18 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0805 19 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0811 20-storyboard001 21 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0820 22 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0821 23-storyboard001 24 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0828 25 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0829 26 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0831 27 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0832 28 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0837 29 - Photo5-Day-Three-KG_0846 30 - Photo5-Day-Two-KG_0521 31 - Photo5-Day-Two-KG_0529 32-storyboard001 33 - Photo5-Day-Two-KG_0561 34-storyboard001 35-storyboard002 36-Photo5-Day-Two-KG_0615 36-Photo5-Day-Two-KG_0634 37-Photo5-Day-Two-KG_0620 38-Photo5-Day-Two-KG_0650