What is Personal Branding?

It’s about creating a MAGNETIC BRAND PRESENCE
showcasing THE BEST VERSION of yourself
that stands ABOVE THE REST

to your WEBSITE
to rocking your PR & MEDIA!

It’s about NOT SETTLING for a lesser story
while making the BEST FIRST IMPRESSION you deserve

I will help you MAKE A STATEMENT.

Hi, I’m Kylie!

An AIPP Accredited Professional Portrait Photographer. I specialise in unique business portraits, personal branding and headshots for small business and creative entrepreneurs.

I help businesses, like you, feel confident and comfortable in their own skin. That’s because I am a bit of brand fanatic that lives and breathes all things business and personal branding! My goal is to inspire you to discover your unique story, dream big and showcase all you have to offer through professional business portraits that stand out from the crowd.

More about me here …. but for now, let’s talk Personal Branding!

Personal Branding. Your SUPERPOWER.

In this crazy age of technology in our ever-increasing connected world, we are bombarded with a constant flow of information and advertising.

Our inboxes are flooded with emails and sales material.

An innocent visit to a website can create deluge of advertising in your Facebook feed.

A simple Google Search will result in both sponsored and organic results carefully presented in a way that suggests they are one in the same.

As a result, it has never been more important to do research into who we do business with. We check websites, stalk businesses on social media and read online reviews.

It helps us distinguish who we resonate with, who we connect with and ultimately helps us separate between the wannabe marketing gurus and those businesses who genuinely want to serve us.

So as business owners and entrepreneurs, how do we break through that noise?

How do we sing louder than the rest?

How do we increase visibility and connect with potential customers that may not have met us yet?

Personal Branding.

In today’s market, potential prospects want to connect with brands they resonate with, are reputable and credible. They want to do business with people they believe in.

And we naturally make personal connections and emotional decisions. It is inherent in who we are as humans.

That’s where the power of a Personal Brand can help you stand out from the crowd.

One great headshot could change your world.

It is how you are perceived by your audience and how you make them feel. It is your point of difference from all other competitors.

A great personal brand could be the single reason why someone chooses to do business with you, above and beyond anyone else.

It is your SUPERPOWER and how you break through all that digital noise!

If your personal brand isn’t consistent (maybe even non-existent!), across all channels and your competition’s brand is … guess who gets the business?

So stop handing customers on a silver platter to your competitors!

And let’s create a magnetic personal brand that naturally entices customers to choose you!

Whether it’s Professional Headshots or a comprehensive Personal Brand that showcases your unique story – I will help you make a statement and brand you to success!

Let’s do amazing things together!

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